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  Jackie Chan is known as the best action star in the world. He is also well respected for his choreography which combines martial arts and dance. Jackie Chan and XaviX have teamed up to bring you and your family interactive fitness choreographed by Jackie! Whether you already exercise regularly, are just beginning, or simply want to have some fun, AEROSTEP ® gets you moving like nothing you’ve experienced before.   Boxing is a wonderful way to increase your cardiovascular system, tone your arms and back and basically keep in great shape. Jackie Chan and XaviX have teamed up to bring you and your family interactive boxing that combines several key exercises with in the ring action. You will get a great workout with Jackie Chan as your trainer in the Comfort of your Home while you tone your muscle.
  When developing XaviXTENNIS, we placed a lot of emphasis on the timing required to hit a ball so that players can experience the thrill of a Tennis Match in their Living Room. As a result, you can hit back strokes, volleys, and winners with the same timing as in a Tennis Match.   XaviXBOWLING provides a fun and unique way to Bowl in the Comfort of your Home, or wherever there is a Television. You will be amazed to see how the speed and direction of your roll affects where your ball strikes the pins and ultimately your success in Bowling. With XaviXBOWLING you can have a great time with friends and family, and improve your Bowling Skills in the process.

Step into the action and onto the green like never before. With the XaviX System Cartridge, wireless driver, putter and swing sensor, it's just like you're on the course.

Go out for 18 holes or take the hole-in-one challenge. Face off against the system or golf with up to three friends.

Whatever you choose, it's a whole new way to golf.


When we started developing XaviXBASEBALL, our basic philosophy was to not just create a way to hit a ball or throw a pitch, but to simulate the entire baseball experience. The goal was to get people to savor the sensation of seeing a ball fly away far off into the distance as it arches and lands in the bleachers.

XaviXBASEBALL uses infrared sensor technology to detect speed and timing. Both the Bat and Ball include Wrist Straps with Adjuster.