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    Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you list exactly what is needed to use the XaviX applications?

A: 1 TV, 1 XaviXPORT (includes all necessary cables) and any XaviX Application of your choice.

Q: Will the XaviXPORT work with PAL?

A: At this time, the XaviXPORT is designed to work with only NTSC.

Q: I have a DLP TV. Is your product compatible?

A: As long as it is equipped with standard RCA input jacks (Red/ Yellow/White) it should work.

Q: I connected my XaviXPORT to the TV, put the cartridge in and nothing happens. What is wrong?

A: Please make sure the A/V Cable at the rear of the PORT is firmly inserted. It should click twice to be fully connected. The fit is sometimes very snug, so press firmly. Also make sure the cartridge is in as far as it will go and the green Power light is on.

Q: Is the User's Manual available for download on the site?

A: Go to the product page, click on an application and a user's guide will be available for download for applications.

Q: I have the Tennis/ Baseball and need to get new batteries, but the User Guide states the need to use manganese batteries.

A: Alkaline and Rechargeable batteries will work in your XaviX Accessories. If you do not plan on using it for long periods of time, please simply remove the batteries to reduce the risk of damage by leakage and extending the life of your batteries.

Q: I'm interested in purchasing the XaviXPORT and the XaviXGOLF and wanted to know if there are multiple courses available on the system.

A: There is one course, but the pin positions and wind conditions change every time you restart.

Q: I can get to the 'Change difficulty' screen/line on Bass Fishing, but there is only the 'Beginner'. I cannot change it.

A: In order to be able to advance to a higher difficulty level, you must obtain 3 trophies for the level you are in by placing in the top 3 in tournaments for each level.

Q: The PowerBoxing is constantly pausing during use. Is there a way to prevent this or change the settings so that it does not pause after every 2 to 3 punches?

A: Standing too close to the XaviXPORT may result in the gloves reading as too large, OR there may be a light source which is distracting the optical sensor on top of the cartridge. Try dimming or turning off any lights which may shine directly onto the PORT and also take a step back from the PORT to see if the reading is any better.

Q: Where can I purchase in Saudi Arabia?

A: Currently we arenow avalaible in Saudi Arabia, please check our contact page Here!